LEI 500 L

LEI 500 L, the new design concept that offers modularity,flexibility and communicability.

LEI 500 L, automatic 700 cups vending machine for hot and cold drinks with up to 38 programmable selections and direct selection panel with 24 buttons (in standard and tactile STT panel version). Designed for easily change the selection panel and for being suitable for different locations.

User Interface

  • Attractive and modern design with aluminium profiles and backlighted upper and lower lexan.
  • 3 easy to use and intuitive user interfaces to be chosen between:
    • B.easy: direct selection panel with 24 large push buttons
    • B.smart: TACTILE SELECTION PANEL STT (Soft Touch Technology), with 24 large and backlighted push buttons
    • B.touch: Optional kit LCD multimedia 21,5’’ full Touch&Go that a llows to spread videos and communicate nutritional information regarding products (in place of STT panel).
  • 2 push buttons for sugar dosage.
  • End selection acoustic signal.
  • 32 digit alphanumeric display or in option 7’’ LCD which allows to spread images and products information.
  • light path to guide the user during the purchase process: coin introduction, cup station and change giver.
  • Wide cup station (high 155mm).
  • in compliance with standard of access for disabled people.


  • Family look with the range Snack & Food Vista.
  • Natural anodized aluminium door profiles.
  • Modularity. Possibility to change the selection panel. 1 machine = 3 selection panels to be chosen between: standard version with mechanical keyboard, backlighted tactile STT panel or LCD multimedia 21,5’’ Touch&Go.
  • Sugar canister, stirrers dispenser, cup dispenser and cup station are positioned on an articulated arm into the machine to lighten the door and to make maintenance operations easier.
  • Slow falling product dispensing door and locked in stand by and delivery mode.
  • Cup sensor.
  • Standard tea serpentine on all versions.
  • Cup dispenser adjustable to various diameters (from 70 to 74 mm) and dispenser for 90 to 105 mm stirrers.
  • Door lock with programmable code.
  • Switching power supply that guarantees total stability of the instant product dose and complete electric safety protections.
  • Standard multi-protocol electronics.
  • Compatible with telemetry.