A complete machine that allows to propose a large product offer.

BVM 972, automatic 700 cups vending machine for hot and cold drinks with up to 56 programmable selections and direct selection panel with 30 push buttons.

User Interface

  • Direct selection panel with 30 push butt ons that can be configured both as selections or pre-selections or 26 selections on the alphanumeric version that can be entered on the numeric selection keypad and 2 direct butt ons as pre-selections.
  • Customisable sugar dosage.
  • End selection acoustic signal.
  • 32 digit alphanumeric display.
  • Slow falling product dispensing door.
  • Design modern with upper lexan backlighted that offers excellent branding opportunities.
  • In compliance with standard of access for disabled people.


  • Reinforced cabinet with anti-vandal hinges and door look with programmable code.
  • Mixers and boiler assembly are extractable to make maintenance operations easier.
  • Standard serpentine kit for tea on all versions.
  • Cup dispenser adjustable to various diameters (from 70 to 74 mm) and dispenser for 90 or 105 mm stirrers.
  • System for the automatic regulation of the coffee bean grinding that guarantees with the variations of the humidity and the temperature, the best quality of the product dispensed at all times.
  • Switching power supply that guarantees total stability of the instant product dose and complete electric safety protections.
  • Standard multi-protocol electronics.