A simple design for a functional product offer.

BVM 681, BVM 671 and BVM 676 refrigerated 8° C automatic spiral vending machines for the sale of snacks, cans and bottles available in master and slave version.

User Interface


  • Stainless steel alphanumeric selection keypad with 12 push buttons.
  • 32 digit graphic LCD display.


  • Great versatility of configurations that allows multiple combinations able to satisfy the different sales requests for a wide range of products.
  • Slave models BVM 676: can be combined with 2 machines among hot beverage, snack & food or can & bottle models with a sole payment system in the master version.
  • Insulated door.
  • Large window display with led with double glazed glass that shows off the products to maximum advantage.
  • Door lock with programmable code.
  • Master models BVM 681 and 671: reinforced door with a single plated panel that increases the safety of the automatic vending machine against vandal actions.
  • Adjustable tray height.
  • Anti-theft product delivery door.
  • Automatic self diagnostic control system.
  • Product drop sensor.
  • Standard multi-protocol electronics.