Our Services

We offer Snack, Beverages and coffee vending machines to suit your needs. We guarantee a top quality service to ensure the machines are replenished and working  24/7.

Our Vending Machines

The vending machines are selected based on your requirements and the space available. The Snack, Beverages and Coffee machines also come in different sizes to cater for all of our clients’ needs.

Our Products

Based on the type of location, our experience has led us to select different and relevant products for each machine. All snacks and beverages are produced by well renowned and reputable brands. Our coffee machines are all equipped with coffee beans that are ground on order.

Rines Vending Machines

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About Us

Rines Vending was funded late in 2007 and is directed by Gennaro Camilleri and Mario Armeni. Our main objective is to always keep the client satisfied as much as possible.

We are well known for delivering a great service to our customers be retaining high standards in the type of machines, the replenishment service and the quality of products used in the machines.

  • Refilling

    We tend to our vending machines as frequently as required (at least once a week). We make sure the machines are fully replenished with a wide variety and balanced selection of products to choose from.

  • Delivery Service

    You may either select a preferred machine or contact us by email or phone. We will then get in touch, discuss simple terms and proceed with the delivery of the vending machine.

  • Quick Response

    Our team is on call 24/7. Feel free to contact us by email or give us a call on +35699775588 / +35679381663 and we will be there to assist you. Any issues with our vending machines are usually resolved on the same day!